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General Operations

As part of General Operations, the Godly Play Foundation oversees three key organizational divisions: The College of Training, The Center for the Theology of Childhood and Godly Play Resources. These reflect a kind of Trinitarian wholeness, each dependent upon and supportive of the other. The wonder of Godly Play is that it functions best when training, research and the beautiful materials are interconnected, each calling for a commitment to excellence. There are many players!

The Board is charged with oversight of these organizational divisions. Revenue from training, the sale of resources and royalties from our publisher, Church Publishing Incorporated, represent predictable streams of income. Gifts and donations allow the Foundation to expand our opportunities to serve.

Your gift can help the Foundation:

  • Underwrite training costs
  • Provide scholarships for storytellers and trainers
  • Strengthen communications through the Godly Play website, the production of Godly Play YouTube presentations, and electronic news
  • Support ongoing research and development of materials and academic studies

Donations can be made at any time to the Godly Play Foundation by clicking the “Please Donate” button.

Godly Play International Development Fund (GPIDF)

Godly Play Australia Launch

Godly Play Australia Launch

The Godly Play Foundation has established a special line item in our operating budget, the Godly Play International Development Fund, for the purpose of supporting international initiatives with emerging global partners. We are committed to the children of the world and their active participation in story and ritual: to awakening their creativity for the learning of language, sacred stories, parables, liturgical action and silence of the Christian tradition.

This January we completed our first major project using funds from the Godly Play International Development Fund.

In 2012 the India Sunday School Union decided they would adopt and promote Godly Play as a program befitting their goal to strengthen the life and work of the church. Through the International Development Fund, the Godly Play Foundation committed to providing the ISSU with a full set of materials of the core stories of Godly Play and to send trainers to India. The Godly Play India project was launched in January and forty-four storytellers were certified.

Other projects are underway, including work in Pakistan, Tanzania and South Africa.

Please consider making a gift to the Godly Play International Development Fund. 

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