2016 Annual Appeal

2016 Narrative Budget

Invest in the Future of Our World: Our Children

Children face a chaotic world bombarded by so many messages that it is very hard to know who their neighbor is or if the good shepherd will be there to guide them out of dark places. Sitting in Godly Play circles, hearing stories, and engaging in the power of wonder allows a child—of any age—to learn the language of our faith and the stories of our faith family. Godly Play serves God’s mission in the world.

Please take a minute to read our story in our narrative budget and learn about the ministries where we devote our time, talent and treasure.

We are dependent on the goodwill of those who believe that Godly Play nourishes spiritual and moral development to the world’s children. We are dependent on your financial goodwill and ask that you prayerfully consider supporting Godly Play as part of your Christian stewardship. One hundred percent of Godly Play’s Board of Directors has done this. It only takes a minute to give. Perhaps your employer has a matching gift program that could have double the impact. Any gift is appreciated; below are some of the differences you could make.

  • $10,000 – An entire circle of children in a country like Africa or Turkey can experience Godly Play through story materials and trained teachers.
  • $5,500 – Children in a lower income parish can hear stories in the sacred space of their own Godly Play classroom.
  • $3,000 – Fifteen new Storytellers in the United States will be able to attend training.
  • $1,200 – Children in Uruguay will have trained Storytellers and native Godly Play Trainers.
  • $600 – Research in spirituality conducted by our academic cohort, the Center for the Theology of Childhood, is funded for a week.
  • $295 – A child’s Sunday school teacher can attend Godly Play Core Training to become a Storyteller or Doorperson.
  • $60 – A Godly Play Trainer who shepherds new Storytellers into this program of wonder is able to attend a continuing education program.

With gratitude,

W. Lee Dickson
Godly Play Foundation Executive Director