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Stories of God at Home is HERE!!

Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach is both a way to celebrate your family and to prepare for unknown family challenges in the future. It shows you how to do this in a deeply playful way by building up layers of family stories woven together with stories of God to fill a reservoir of meaning to draw from when needed.

The pressures of the world make it harder and harder to set aside time–at least regularly–for spiritual nurture. But, many families, including parents and grandparents, are looking for ways to nurture their child’s spiritual life. Into this yearning drops this new resource: Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach.


The six stories Dr. Berryman recommends using at home with the family are:

  • Creation
  • The Advent Lesson (a preparation for and celebration of Christmas)
  • The Faces of Easter (the Lenten series that prepares us to celebrate Easter)
  • Knowing Jesus in a New Way (a preparation for Pentecost)
  • The Parable of the Good Shepherd
  • The Circle of the Church Year

Dr. Berryman has written new scripts to use with each of the story materials, which are available from Godly Play Resources in a perfect mini-size for home use. The stories draw on the originals used in Godly Play rooms, but are adapted specifically for the home in a way that weaves the story together with your family narrative.

The Center for the Theology of Childhood of the Godly Play Foundation is developing a number of resources for families interested in making this a part of their lives, including a website dedicated to the practice of using these stories at home. Follow this link to visit the website to read more!

Be sure to order your copy of the new book–and stay tuned for the exciting new offerings in this line!!

Bringing Godly Play to the World and the World to Godly Play

Over the past 40 years, Godly Play has found its way into churches, hospitals, and care facilities across the globe, and Godly Play circles gather in over 40 countries! From Jerome Berryman offering us a new way of forming children in the Christian tradition to a widely practiced methodology with supporting theological and pedagogical research and publications, the spread of Godly Play has always been primarily organic in nature. It is astounding to consider all that has happened from stories told at just the right time in just the right place. It is an aspect of our Godly Play culture—that growth happens through relationship—which we endeavor to foster and support.

Along these lines, the Godly Play Foundation Board of Directors, staff, and Trainers are excited to announce a new pilot program in the United States: Godly Play Missioners. The goal for Missioners is to bring Godly Play to the world and to bring the world to Godly Play. Through gatherings, introductory sessions, stories in “outside the box” locations, and concentrated work with existing programs including reaching out to people who we have trained, we are hopeful that these volunteer Missioners will work to change the world through Godly Play. We envision Missioners becoming the bridge for programs needing support before or after attending Core or Advanced Training.

In considering who could help us pilot this new program, we looked to Godly Play practitioners who are already doing the work of Missioners. This small pilot group has well-established networks and has been hosting trainings and working with us for years; they are already known to carry stories in their cars and insert Godly Play language into everyday conversation. The goal of the Foundation is to formalize our relationship with the pilot Missioners and to provide them with the information and resources to further their work. We will gather together this April to inaugurate this relationship, this program, and this work at a pilot Missioner Orientation.

Once the pilot program is fully implemented, it is our great hope to offer Missioner Orientations throughout the United States. We know there are many other passionate Godly Players who are called to further their Godly Play journey—Godly Players who are also already doing the work of Missioners. Our plan is to offer Missioner Orientations regionally to make it more accessible, and we hope that cohorts of local volunteer Missioners will work together to bring Godly Play to the world—and the world to Godly Play—through their regional relationships.

While an expanded national program is in the future, if you feel called to explore the role of a volunteer Missioner, we invite you to express interest through our online form.

And most importantly, we thank you for your prayers as we do this big work that we have been given to do!

Curriculum Updates and Revisions in the Expanded 2nd Edition of Volume 4

Our curriculum updates, grammar and illustration revisions, and new stories continue with the revised and expanded second edition of The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Volume 4!


For a quick guide to the 2017-8 curriculum updates in Volume 4, please see our one-page handout noting the changes you will find detailed in the revised and expanded second edition.

We suggest that every Godly Play teacher receive a copy and that you leave a copy in each of your Godly Play rooms.

2017-8 Curriculum Updates – Volume 4


Every lesson in this volume has been edited—some in small ways and some in very significant ways. There are also some new and improved illustrations.

Be sure to order the new revised and expanded edition to discover the details of these updates for yourself!

Order the book in print

Order the individual stories in digital form

Order digital Parent Pages Continue reading

50 Days Left in 2017: A Challenge

A few weeks ago, the Godly Play Foundation was offered a challenge gift.

The gift is $5,000, and the challenge is to secure 50 donations or $5,000 in the last 50 days of 2017.

We need your help to meet this challenge!

We need your help to secure the $5,000 and to raise additional funds for the Foundation to continue its work in serving the worldwide Godly Play circle.

To meet this challenge, the Foundation needs to receive at least one donation every day left in 2017–or enough sizeable donations to reach $5,000.

Please consider making a donation today to help us meet this challenge and secure the $5,000 donation offered!


Godly Play at the 2018 Forma Conference!

Forma Annual Conference: Formed for Justice


January 24-26, 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina
Early registration rates end September 30th


Don’t miss two pre-conference Godly Play workshops with Center for the Theology of Childhood director The Rev. Cheryl V. Minor, PhD!

What’s Not Working? Troubleshooting the Growing Edges of your Godly Play Program

Wednesday, January 24th 9a-noon

Interested in expanding your program into the full curriclum (age 12)? Losing your patience at a critical moment every week? Wondering if your youngest circle is really getting it? Join other established programs to troubleshoot your program’s growing edges with children’s spirituality and Godly Play expert The Rev. Cheryl V. Minor, PhD. Modeling the theology undergirding the Godly Play method, this session will be participant driven and will address the specific concerns of the circle gathered–the wisdom of the circle is integral in the ongoing work of nurturing a Godly Play program.

Godly Play 2.0: New Stories, Curriculum Updates + Revisions

Wednesday, January 24th 1p-4p

With the second edition of The Complete Guide to Godly Play story volumes comes new stories, curriculum updates, and revisions that will strengthen every Godly Play program. Join contributing editor The Rev. Cheryl V. Minor, PhD, who works closely with Jerome Berryman as the director of The Center for the Theology of Childhood, to discover these important changes and poignant additions and to learn how to implement these curriculum changes in your new or established program.

The Rev. Cheryl V. Minor, Ph.D.

The Rev. Cheryl V. Minor, Ph.D. is the Director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood, the academic and publishing arm of the Godly Play Foundation. For the past eighteen years she has served a parish in the Diocese of Massachusetts, The Parish of All Saints’ Church in Belmont. Also a Godly Play Trainer and Foundation Education Committee co-chair, Dr. Minor has been deeply involved in designing US Godly Play training models.